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Septic tank and sewerage systems

The purpose of a septic tank is to store sewerage waste. Septic systems allow solids to settle on the bottom and the sum then floats to the top. Liquid effluent flow in an outlet pipe into a chamber ‘distribution’ and s then lead into something called the septic drain field. Septic tanks are specialised plumbing systems and if they are not pumped often the outcome will prevent absorption of the water into the earth surrounding it creating septic tank problems.Typically septic tanks are made with anti-corrosion treated metal or hard plastic.

Sewerage from homes and businesses are channelled into the septic tank and there it separates heavy solids which collect at the bottom while the rest of the water floats to the top where it drains off into the surrounding land. These plumbing systems can function effectively for a long time it maintained with care. Septic systems not maintained can causeseptic tank problems.

Common problems with septic tanks

  • A badly installed septic tank soak away or one that has too much fat can block the whole septic systems drainage system and also pollute surrounding water such as rivers as well as sub-soil creating a sewerage system in your back yard.
  • Septic tank problems arise with too much toilet usage.
  • These plumbing systems can malfunction in peak holiday periods due to being less active prior to that.
  • When dirty water typically from the bathroom and laundry makes its way into the septic tank causing hydraulic load which stops the breakdown of faecal waste.
  • When a septic system really packs up it is quite a costly matter nest avoided by proper maintenance.

Extending the lifespan of the septic tank

  • Septic systems should have the water usage monitored and leaking taps and toilets repaired to avoid septic tank problems
  • Septic tank systems should be pumped every few years to keep these plumbing systems chemical free to avoid changes occurring in the bacterial order
  • These specialised sewerage disposal systems need regular maintenance to remain in tip top shape
  • To limit large amount of water usage you can install water saving shower heads
  • Kitchen appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines should only contain full loads
  • Biodegradable products are an excellent way to help maintain your septic systems


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