Is it time for plumbing maintenance?

plumbing maintenance

How often do you walk past a dripping tap in the kitchen or bathroom and tell yourself you will fix it soon? Maybe it is time for some plumbing maintenance. With time, dripping taps and leaking pipes  push up your water bill and represent the waste of a precious resource. More than that, a leaking pipe can be a real danger to your electrical wiring, not to mention the renovation bill if it bursts! With regular plumbing maintenance you can avoid many disasters from occurring in your home or business.

General plumbing maintenance tips

There are several things you can do without the help of a professional to keep your home’s plumbing systems in good working order.

  • Inspect your plumbing system regularly for any signs of leaks.
  • Check your fixtures and appliances such as your shower and toilets for any leaks, cracks or bad water flow.
  • Flush your toilet and check how long the water runs. If it runs for longer than a minute there is a problem.
  • Turn on all your taps and check the pressure. Low pressure could mean a clogged pipe somewhere or a build up of dirt
  • Check the water flow of your sinks in the bathroom and kitchen. If the water takes a long time to drain you may want to get a plumber to unblock your drains.
  • If you notice a bad smell coming from the area around your sinks, there may be a problem developing.
  • Check your pipes (where possible). Corroded pipes or faulty pipe connections will over time develop leaks or burst completely.
  • Have a look at your geyser and ensure there is no standing water and there are no leaks/drips from any of the pipes.


Additional information

Doing a general check of your home’s plumbing is advisable not only to home owners but also to anyone renting a house or apartment around Cape Town. Here are a few things to check before you decide to put down a deposit on any new place or are about to leave on vacation.

  • Find out where your ‘stop cock’ is and ensure it is in good working order.
  • Turn on all the taps for for a few seconds to ensure optimal water flow and pressure.
  • Flush the toilet and check for water running/standing water and/or any leaks from the connecting pipes.
  • When you go away for a holiday or a few days turn off the water as well as your geyser.


Contact Laws Plumbing

Finding reliable plumbing maintenance services at short notice can be difficult. Get to know a reliable, qualified  plumber that offers a qualified plumbing services and keep the number in a safe place. That way when you need general plumbing maintenance advise in an emergency the number is on hand immediately. If you want to contact Laws Plumbing you can either call us directly on 078 225 9939 or send us a quick message.

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