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Plumber South Peninsula

Plumber South PeninsulaRanging from Muizenberg and Noordhoek all the way to Cape Point is the South Peninsula of Cape Town. This beautiful area was very rural until recently, when the population started growing and new developments started popping all along the coast. With homes ranging from old farmhouses to new apartments in large commercial developments, it is very important to know have a plumber on call that can adapt to a wide variety of situations. Generally, the south peninsula includes Fish Hoek, Kalk Bay, Kommentje, Marina da Gama, Muizenberg, Simonstown and Scarborough.


South Peninsula Emergency Plumber

Laws Plumbing located in Marina da Gama, just off the M5 and close to the Main Road, giving it ideal access to the area. Laws Plumbing is the plumber to use in the south peninsula! Our qualified plumbing technicians are on call 24/7 to help with any plumbing emergency, whether it is a leaking tap or a burst pipe, and we charge neither call out nor traveling fees.

Solar Geyser Installations in the South Peninsula

Sunrise south peninsula, false bay plumbingLaws Plumbing is also an ESKOM certified installer of solar geysers. With electricity becoming more expensive every year, installing a solar geyser not only saves you money but also makes your home more sustainable and environmentally friendly. With an average of 2993 hours of sunshine per year (or about 8hours of sunshine per day), a solar geyser is a more than viable alternative to ESKOMs power grid!


Property Plumbing Inspections and Certificates of Compliance

As level 4 master tradesman plumbers, Laws Plumbing is also authorized to execute full property plumbing inspections, to ensure that your home is adhering to the building and safety regulations set forth by the Municipality of Cape Town. More than that, Laws Plumbing is certified to issue a certificate of compliance, which is needed for any property sale.

Maintenance Plumbing for businesses in the South Peninsula

During the summer months, the South Peninsula attracts a large amount of tourists to the area. From quaint shops in Kalk Bay and Simonstown, beautiful beaches in Noordhoek and Muizenberg, to Penguins at Boulders Beach, there is lots to see and experience. As businesses need this tourist trade to survive the quiet winter months, it is highly important for everything to run smoothly and to avoid having to close to fix plumbing problems.

Laws Plumbing offers maintenance-plumbing packages for businesses at very competitive rates to avoid any problems. Similar to a service on your car, it is recommended to frequently check your plumbing systems for any potential weaknesses so that problem areas can be fixed before you end up in an emergency situation calling for costly renovations.

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To find out how to get a free plumbing inspection of your home or if you have a plumbing problem you want a professional plumber to look at, you can either call us directly on 078 225 9939 or send us a quick message and we will get back to you!

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