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Burst pipe? Geyser not working properly? Notice a wet patch on your wall that is rapidly growing? If you need a plumber around Rosebank, look no further than Laws Plumbing. Started by Seth Laws 10 years ago, Laws Plumbing service is the reliable, professional service to use. Seth believes in not only getting the job done quickly and without hassle for you, but in building great relationships with his clients. Service excellence is not just a fancy marketing gimmick; it is the most important aspect of his business. If you need a local, experience and reliable plumber in Rosebank, Seth Laws from Laws Plumbing is your first choice.

24/7 Emergency Plumber in Rosebank

If you need a plumber for any emergency in or near Rosebank, Seth Laws is there for you. A level 4 master tradesman plumber with years of experience, Seth is on call 24/7 in case of any major plumbing problem. More than that, he believes in always giving the best service possible which is why he charges no call out fees or travelling fees, even if you call at 3am.


From Appliance Installations to Geyser Replacements and Plumbing Maintenance

Laws Plumbing offers an extensive list of plumbing services for homeowners and businesses. From installing new appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers, creating new plumbing points in your home, to replacing old geysers and doing full solar geyser installations, Laws Plumbing can take care of all your plumbing needs.


For businesses maintaining plumbing systems to avoid costly shut downs is very important. Plumbing maintenance is about keeping everything working in tiptop shape and spotting potential problems before they become an issue. Laws Plumbing offers annual maintenance plumbing plans as well as plumbing inspections on an ad hoc basis. Once Seth has done a thorough inspection of your plumbing systems, he will give you a no obligations quote on any repairs that may need to be done in order to keep everything running smoothly.


Contact Laws Plumbing Today

In case of a dire plumbing emergency, call 078 225 9939 to speak to Seth directly or you can contact Laws Plumbing through the website to set up an appointment.


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