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Laws Plumbing area maps ClaremontThe historic suburb of Claremont is located approximately 10km south of Cape Town city center, and is part of the southern suburbs of Cape Town. Established around the time of the arrival of the first Dutch settlers, Claremont today is home to a population of approximately 17’000 people living in 7365 households. In the last few years Claremont has developed not only into a sought after residential area, but the commercial sector has also seen significant growth and development, with new business being established here constantly. In such an environment, it is very important to have a trusted plumbing service on call, not only for residential clients but also for business in order to maintain operations and offer the best service possible to clients.

Laws Plumbing in Claremont

claremont main road plumbing service99% of homes in Claremont are fully connected to Cape Town’s water and electricity supply, making it one of the best-developed suburbs in Cape Town. With all these services also comes the burden of keeping plumbing systems working in excellent condition, to minimize the potential for costly renovations as well as minimizing overall electricity usage by keeping plumbing systems energy efficient.

Laws Plumbing operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help with any plumbing problems that may pop up for both residential and business clients in Claremont. Burst pipes, leaking geysers and running toilets are not only a nuisance, but they can also cost money in terms of repairs, renovations and potentially lost business. With our qualified plumbers always on call, Laws Plumbing can minimize this hassle and ensure smooth running of your home and business.

Maintenance plumbing packages for Claremont businesses

More than just taking care of problems, Laws Plumbing also offers maintenance plumbing packages at competitive rates. Maintenance plumbing is about spotting potential problems and weak areas in your plumbing systems early, and taking care of them before a problem can arise. In the long run, maintenance plumbing lower overall costs by eliminating the potential for costly renovations due to water damage, as well as ensuring that your business is always operational, not having to close doors for repairs and thereby losing potential revenue.

Claremont property inspections

As fully qualified master tradesman plumbers, Laws Plumbing also offers full plumbing inspections for residential and commercial properties. Property sales cannot be done without a certificate of compliance with current building and safety regulations, and as Claremont is a rapidly developing suburb with a growing property market, it is important to know a qualified plumber who can inspect a property and issue the legally required certificate of compliance.

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