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Advice for faulty or leaking toilets

leaking toilet cape townToilets are generally quite durable fixtures which are built to last. Due to their regular usage they are also one of the most important plumbing components in your home or business. It is therefore rare that one won’t experience common toilet problems at some stage or another. When a toilet won’t flush as well as a clogged toilet are two of the most common problems. Toilet tank problems are another commonplace toilet repair problem. In some instances a toilet repair or other leaking toilet issues can be relatively easy for the DIY enthusiast.

A do-it-yourself person can learn some quick fix solutions for a leaking toilet problem or simple toilet tank problems or even a clogged toilet. However, it is important to note that some common toilet problems are trickier than others and should your attempt at a toilet repair such as if a toilet won’t flush or a clogged toilet or if the problem re-occurs after having been repaired, it is time to call in a plumbing expert to repair the toilets and fixtures.

Solving common problems with leaking toilets

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  • Toilet won’t flush properly as there is too little water coming from tank
  • It could be toilet tank problems– check water level and if too low: give floating arm an upward bend so more water can be let into tank
  • Toilets can’t flush properly if the tank ball on the flush valve seal is dropping to quickly. Resetting the guide higher, maintaining the alignment to the lift wire, can solve the toilet repair problem
  • Sometimes common toilet problems of flushing are caused by small ports under the rim getting clogged with chemical residues in the water. With a little help from a piece of wire and a mirror your plumbing fixtures can be cleaned out and resume normal flushing procedure
  • A clogged toilet can in many case be solved by using a plunger. Just make certain before using the plunger that there is enough water in the bowl so that the suction cup is covered
  • Other problems that can cause a leaking toilet:
    • Sweating tanks can drip onto floors, special covers can be purchased to resolve this
    • Worn mechanisms may need to be replaced such as: A worn flapper seal, the chain, the overflow tube, the ball and the ball shut off valve


    Other possible reasons for a noisy or leaking toilet

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  • Toilet tank problems can be caused by a float ball that is not properly aligned, has water inside or is not rising to the right height. In order to execute this toilet repair you can bend the float rod gently so the ball doesn’t rub on the tank, remove any corrosion from edge of valve seal, replace the washers or replace the float ball
  • When the toilet won’t flush check if there is sufficient water in the tank. Check if the drain is clogged and if the ball fixtures falls back far enough before the water exits the tank
  • clogged toilet may need to be plunged with a plunger to rectify the toilets back to normal

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