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Leaking appliances and fixtures

Whether you are needing new plumbing installations or emergency plumbing services it is important to note that plumbing in itself is not simply about leaking fixtures, such as a leaking shower or fixing a leaking appliance. If any of your plumbing fixtures such as a leaking bath or leaking tap is not tended to the problem can escalate into a larger issue including disease. Plumbing standards have laws in place that regulate good plumbing practises. Countries world wide including South Africa have specific laws and codes of conduct to discourage plumbing damage resulting from bad plumbing practises. There are some types of moulds that can affect your lungs. This type of fungi can thrive in places unseen by the naked eye and can be dangerous. It is important that should you smell a stale odour especially after a situation where a pipe has burst inside a wall resulting in flooding damage to the structure, it is a clear indication that there is a problem that requires attention.

Sometimes a high water bill can be an indication of a plumbing leak. For new plumbing installations to new or renovated plumbing it is best to seek professional advice. Emergency plumbing situations, if not adequately repaired can lead to further damage.

Test for plumbing leaks

There are a couple of tricks to test for leaking plumbing before calling in an expert or simply a way of isolating the source of the plumbing damage.

  • Switch of the main water supply
  • Try and isolate the problem area by listening for leaking sounds
  • Do you have to tighten your taps very tightly? If so the problem may be a leaking tap.
  • Is there a leaking shower problem? Can you hear any dripping sounds?
  • Are there any other unusual sounds from other plumbing fixtures.


Advice on leaking appliances and fixtures

There are a couple of ways that a bath can be installed and the manner of the installation will indicate if the leaking bath is easily repaired or not. Often new plumbing installations for a bath will show that the bath was built in before it was tiled. The source of the plumbing leak could be from a variety of places. Perhaps the plumbing damage is because the bath needs to be resealed at the edges of the tiling or the bath waste or combination trap is leaking. There are a few factors that would cause a a leaking shower for instance; if there is small a pool of water on the floor after showering it could indicate that the plumbing damage could be the shower waste or the tile grouting or even the shower head and arm which could be leaking into the wall. The pipes in the wall could also be leaking. A leaking tap repair could indicate the plumbing damage to be as simple as replacing a washer. However in some instances the washer seat could be cracked and the whole taps would need repair. If you manage to isolate the source of where the plumbing fixtures are damaged and cannot temporarily repair it until a plumbing service can be called in you can resort to sourcing an emergency plumbing company offering 24 hour service. Laws Plumbing operates within the Western Cape area and offers a 24 hour emergency plumbing service.


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