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Plumbing leaks often go unseen for an extended period of time and in some cases the location of a burst water pipe is not immediately visible. In these situations it will be necessary to call in a professional plumber to isolate the cause with special leak detection equipment. We are are professional Cape Town plumbing service specialising in all plumbing repairs, maintenance and new installations. It is inevitable that you will as some stage encounter a leak repair that requires immediate attention. Laws plumbing offers a 24 hour service to meet your needs.

In order for a plumber to effect a leak repair to a burst water pipe that is not immediately visible one of the processes will be to establish what the water usage reading is. In most cases a high reading will confirm a burst pipe. By pressurizing the water line to push air bubbles into the leak repair pipe segment a sounding device is used to hear the air bubbles and the source of the problem can be identified. Leaking plumbing repairs can be resolved efficiently with sound plumbing knowledge. Laws Plumbing is a local cape town plumbing service committed to ensuring that you receive the very best service for your home or business. Our cape town plumbing services include residential and commercial emergency and maintenance services 7 days a week.

Spotting leak repair weak spots

A leak in waste and ventilation pipes during leak detection can uncover an unpleasant odour where traps have lost their water seal. Sometimes these types of leaking plumbing repairs can be as a result of badly designed plumbing systems that were not correctly vented. Should you find a burst water pipe or other leak in your system you should immediately switch off your main water supply and seek the assistance of a plumber. Remember that a temporary solution will most likely not solve the leak repair in the long run. Leaks should be attended to as soon as possible. If you notice your walls or floors have wet, moist or areas that have colour changing spots when you have not spilled anything it could indicate a leak. Warm areas on a floor such as concrete can also be an indication of a leak. Laws Plumbing is a cape town plumbing service offering professional solutions to our clients.

Advice for leak repair

  • Before calling a plumber or attempting to take a tap apart, turn off the water mains
  • Small water pipes can freeze in cold weather and can result in a burst water pipe, covering the pipes with some form of insulation can avoid this
  • Pressure build up of water in pipes can result in the need for leak repair, try turning down the pressure at the stop-cock if you hear hammering sounds
  • Leaking plumbing repairs are best tended to before they escalate into larger costly problems
  • If you think your toilet needs leak detection tactics, check the condensation levels with added ventilation before calling in a plumber
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