Plumbing advice for bathroom and kitchen renovations

kitchen appliances and plumbingYou cannot pay enough attention to the kitchen and bathroom when renovating your home. Not only do you get to choose new appliances, but you can have fun with redecorating and reinvigorating your home.

Generally speaking, you should consider getting new appliances. This ensures not only safety, but also lowers your electricity cost as older appliances tend to not be as efficient.

An important step before connecting your new appliances is to perform a plumbing inspection and some general plumbing maintenance. This makes sure that your home’s plumbing systems are in tip top shape.

Here are some more helpful plumbing tips with regards to your kitchen and bathroom:

  • Make certain your kitchen plumbing for the sink is working. Is the drain pipe easily accessible and are there any obstacles blocking access to the pipes? This will make repairs a whole lot easier down the line.
  • Remember: Don’t pour grease, cooking oil or food down the drains.
  • Set up a yearly time to go do a plumbing maintenance check and look for any leaking pipes, cracks etc. around the sinks and wash basins including your bathroom plumbing area.
  • Check that your kitchen appliances and bathroom appliances are doing their job well, without too much noise or any conspicuous water leaks.
  • Consider a water filtration system to prevent build-up from minerals and metals that can damage plumbing components

Tips on plumbing and appliances

plumbing bathroomWhen renovating and going about plumbing new kitchen appliances or if you are doing any bathroom plumbing upgrades, do make a point of sealing all the bolts and fittings with some plumber’s tape.

It is important to remember that kitchen renovations can be quite costly. If you need assistance, call a plumber for some helpful plumbing tips about installing kitchen appliances.

You want your appliances to last as long as possible and if it is difficult to reach your bathroom plumbing pipes or kitchen plumbing systems your kitchen appliances will take strain. Generally plumbers will be quite willing to offer some helpful plumbing tips for you about plumbing installations. Laws Plumbing in Cape Town will conduct free plumbing inspections for you and advise on renovating your plumbing systems if they are not up to scratch.


Final words on plumbing and appliances

  • A reputable plumber will offer plumbing tips to help you.
  • Before renovating check your bathroom plumbing systems are working optimally.
  • You want your appliances to last a long time, choose good name brands.
  • You may want to consider talking to a plumber about plumbing in appliances before purchasing anything.
  • Before upgrading or renovating your kitchen appliances check that your kitchen plumbing is running efficiently and there are no leaks and that the plumbing systems are easy to get to.


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