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These days many homes have a washing machine, a dishwasher or both. Washing machine repairs and dishwasher repairs can indeed be a disruption to our convenient lifestyles. Appliance installations can be installed relatively easily if you have the rightplumbing systems already in place. Washing machine repairs and dishwasher repairshave problems that do go wrong and second hand appliances generally don’t last for very long. Laws Plumbing in the Western Cape can help you with your washing machines and dishwasherswhether you need installations or repairs commercially or residentially.

Below are some common problems to be faced with washing machines and dishwashers:

  • Before investigating problems with washing machines and dishwashers always determine the danger and remember to switch off the power, unless you need to have the power on and know the risks involved
  • If the washing machine won’t work at all: (after checking it is plugged in, has power and no cord damage) Other issues could be: Lid or timer needs repair or replacement
  • Washing machine repairs can be caused by faulty inlet hoses or hoses that have been twisted preventing water from entering
  • Drainage hoses can also become bent or clogged prevent water drainage
  • dishwasher that is not cleaning dishes adequately may be due to bad loading
  • Dishwasher repairs due to poor draining could be as a result of a clogged drainage hose or the pump system
  • If you know a little about plumbing your appliance installations can be a breeze, if not it is best to call in that plumber

More about washing machines and dishwashers

A draining issue with a dishwasher can also be as a result of too much detergent and by simply reducing your usage could prevent unnecessary dishwasher repairs. Other washing machine repairs can include having to replace the washing machine lid switch as they are often made of plastic and wear down easily. Washing machines and dishwashers come in a variety of sizes and makes, before making your decision, check you have adequate space and that the plumbing systems are suitable and functional for example; under the counter dishwashers are permanent and can’t be removed so avoid these if you are not planning to live in your home indefinitely. Choose appropriately before appliance installations are done.

Do and don’t for dishwashers and washing machines

  • Do ensure a counter top dishwasher has enough space and is close to the sink
  • Do protect yourself from danger before carrying out washing machine repairs
  • Do ensure the washing machine is switched on before assuming there is a plumbingproblem
  • Do replace the dishwasher filter about once a year
  • Don’t use gel soap in your dishwasher it messes up the system and can create dishwasher repairs escalating unnecessarily
  • Don’t overload washing machines and dishwashers
  • Don’t attempt appliance installations unless you know what you are doing.
  • Don’t pre rinse dishes if there is no food stuck to them

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