Plumbing Maintenance in Cape Town

Does Your Home or Business Need Plumbing Maintenance?Maintenance in Space

The International Space Station cost approximately $150bn to build and since launching into in space in 1998 it had to deal with maintenance issues and failures, some almost forcing the crew to abandon the station entirely! Your home probably cost a lot less to build and would benefit from some maintenance in just the same way the ISS does. While all plumbing systems are designed for durability, materials can break, electrical equipment can give out, and pipes can burst. That is why it’s best to get a qualified plumber to check the plumbing systems of your home of business at least once a year.

What Will We Check?

Annual plumbing maintenance is about more than just checking for leaking pipes. At Laws Plumbing we take maintenance plumbing very seriously, as it can end up saving our clients a lot of time, money and aggravations. From check the geyser top to bottom to make sure it is working efficiently, to going through every major home appliance that is connected to your plumbing system, we make sure that your most expensive appliances are all in tip top shape.

After ensuring that the big appliances are in good shape, we will begin to inspect the taps. From making sure they flow properly, to inspecting the run off rate of the sinks, we really want to ensure that nothing is causing any problems to the plumbing systems. Finally we will inspect the supply lines, the sumps, and the shut off valves.

What Happens After The Maintenance Plumbing Inspection?Shower head plumbing

Usually, if we only find small problems we tend to fix them on the spot if that is alright with our client. Generally speaking though, we will create a list of the problems and their severity, making sure you fully understand what is going on in your home’s plumbing. Then we will give you a no obligation quote for the repair of these items as well as an approximate timetable. Many times we are asked to do the repairs immediately and at Laws Plumbing we are happy to do that.

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