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Plumbing inspections in Cape Town

plumbing inspection cape townLaws Plumbing offers free plumbing inspections in cape town for commercial as well as residential plumbing services.

When you need to call a plumber for any emergency, plumbing maintenance job or require a plumbing inspector for plumbing cape town we guarantee the best professional service for your home or business.


Advice on plumbing inspections

  • it is important for a property owner to call a plumber to conduct plumbing inspections to inspect your premises before purchase
  • A pre-sale plumbing inspector will ensure your property is safe and liveable
  • Laws Plumbing  will inspect your premises anywhere in Cape Town and a plumber will quote you for any repairs that are needed
  • Laws Plumbing will only execute the repairs upon your signed acceptance of our quote
  • There is now a need for plumbing certification by a qualified plumber before transfers and any faults need to be resolved before transference can take place

Plumbing inspection check list

free plumbing inspection

  • A plumbing inspector will check the Hot Water Cylinder is plumbed properly
  • When you call a plumber in Cape Town the plumber will check that there is no movement on the water meter when all taps are shut
  • Plumbing inspections will also ascertain that no storm water goes into sewerage systems
  • All the water pipes contained in the plumbing installations are saddled correctly
  • That no water fittings have any leaks
  • plumbing inspector will make certain there are no illegal plumbing add-ons
  • Inspections also include sewerage draining, geysers and solar geyser systems


As of February 2011 the need for a compliance certificate is mandatory by the Municipality of Cape Town

Home owners and plumbing inspections

Pre-sale plumbing inspections will help the home owner in obtaining the properties monetary worth and ensure the buyer receives good value for the sale. Call a plumber in Cape Town now for a free inspection of your property. Laws Plumbing  can conduct free plumbing inspections and ensure your property is in tip top shape to put on the market. A plumbing inspector is qualified to conduct the necessary inspection you need.

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