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Wynberg in Cape TownWynberg is a suburb of Cape Town and one of the main transport hubs of the southern suburbs with access to buses, taxis, and trains. First records of Wynberg date back to 1795, now Wynberg is bordered by Kenilworth, Plumstead and Constantia, making it an ideal business hub with easy access for anyone living in the southern suburbs. There is a total population of 14 572 people living in Wynberg itself, divided over 5127 households; 99% of these households are formal dwellings with access to piped water, flush toilets connected to the public sewer system and electricity in the home. With this mix of new and old buildings, business premises and private homes, it is important to have a versatile plumber on call who can deal with a variety of plumbing problems in any setting. Laws Plumbing has years of experience working both, construction sites and private plumbing maintenance contracts, making our plumbers familiar with not only installing new plumbing systems, but also working on renovations and even dealing with the plumbing problems in historical houses.

Your Plumber in Wynberg

Laws Plumbing is located in Marina da Gama, with quick access to the M3 and the M5. This meansĀ  we are ideally situated to quickly get to Wynberg from any side, making help in a plumbing emergency easy and rapid. For small business it is important to keep operations going, which is why Laws Plumbing offers maintenance plumbing services to business owners to ensure that plumbing problems are spotted early and taken care of without disrupting the running of your business.

Installing a Solar Geyser

Solar Geyser Installation Cape Town

Typical Solar Geyser Installation

With Eskom’s electricity prices escalating more and more each year, the option of installing a solar geyser has the realpotential to lower your electricity bill. Cape Town has a high enough amount of sunshine hours per year to make this feasible. While the upfront investment can be considered high, it pays itself back over the years you own, with you eventually being able to feed unused power back into ESKOMs grid, helping you further lower your electricity bill!

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