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Plumber Marina da Gama

Marina da Gama, located on the M5 just outside of Muizenberg, is a tranquil suburb built around several islands Plumber Marina da Gamathat act as bird sanctuaries. With a population of approximately 3400 people distributed over 1400 households, Marina da Gama is an up and coming area for both, people looking for quiet and safe accommodation, as well as tourists visiting Cape Town for a short vacation. 99% of households are formal dwellings and have access to electricity and piped water. Accommodation ranges from sprawling houses on the water’s edge to apartments in several complexes, and with each of these come their unique plumbing challenges. Laws Plumbing is ideally situated in Marina da Gama to help with any plumbing issue, and with years of experience, is the plumbing service to choose in Marina da Gama.

Marina da Gama Emergency Plumber

In case of a plumbing emergency, it is important to get a professional into your home quickly in order to minimize any damage to the property. With Laws Plumbing offices located in the heart of Marina da Gama, our plumbers are ideally located to assist with any problem, whether it is a dripping tap or a burst geyser.

Solar Geyser Installations in Marina da Gama

With rising electricity prices, going solar is a real alternative to ESKOMs services. Marina da Gama receives enough sunshine hours in winter and summer, to make the costs of installing a solar geyser worth while,  the payback time being approximately 3 years.
Laws plumbers are ESKOM certified and trained solar technicians, able to not only install solar geysers but also help with maintaining them. Call today for a quote on installing a solar geyser in your home.

Property Plumbing Inspections

Marina da Gama has a very active property market, with homes being sold constantly due to high demand for living in this area. In order to sell any home, the owners need to conduct a thorough inspection, including a plumbing inspection. Laws Plumbing can execute home plumbing inspections and issue a certificate of compliance, which is required by the City of Cape Town for any property sale.

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To find out how to get a free plumbing inspection of your home or if you have a plumbing problem you want a professional plumber to look at, you can either call us directly on 078 225 9939 or send us a quick message and we will get back to you

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