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Burst or leaking water pipes

Present day water pipes are made with copper, brass, plastic, steel and other materials that are not toxic. Each type of pipe has a specific size and fitting that goes with it. This can make the work of a plumber quite complex as it is impossible to stock spares parts for all types of water pipes. Burst pipes as well as leaking water pipes can occur in many different places including in some instances under foundations or in floors made from concrete. Water damage resulting from water leaks can complicate a plumbing job. Water leaks can and do occur anywhere that pipes have been laid.

leaking water pipeThe methods used to repair burst pipes will differ depending on the type of leak. Sometimes water leaks are only picked up when there is a marked increase in a water bill. In these situations the source of the leaking water pipes and the water damage being caused may require the services of a qualified plumber. A plumbing service technician can find where the water pipes are damaged. In some cases a pipe may be rusted or if you notice discoloured water from a tap there could be a crack in you main water line.

Reasons for a leaking water pipe

  • Rust is a possible cause of underground leaking water pipes in South Africa
  • Water damage to a plastic pipe due to rust is an unlikely cause of water leaks as plastic doesn’t rust
  • Galvanised steel pipes will eventually rust and contribute to burst pipes resulting in the need for plumbing maintenance
  • Water pipes can be galvanised to offer some protection against rust
  • plumber will be able to assist with replacing the necessary rusted parts
  • Tree roots can encroach into the pipes causing movement underground resulting in cracks which collect with debris leading to leaking water pipes


Emergency measures for a burst or leaking water pipe

  • Until a plumber can get there or simply to stop the water damage further: switch off the main water supply
  • If the burst pipes or leaking water pipes are close to any electric system you need to switch off the mains immediately. If the switch is wet don’t touch it! Call a plumber asap!
  • So that the water pipes can be drained of water, turn on the cold water taps and flush the toilets
  • Thereafter, switch off the water heating system, any central heating or other heating systems
  • Turn on the hot water taps for drainage
  • If you can find where the water is leaking from in the pipe, try sealing it with rubber and tape
  • Call in a plumber to stop water leaks promptly to avoid further damage from occurring
  • If you suspect a burst ceiling pipe be careful and look out for any bulges. If water is dripping from the ceiling make a hole so that the water can drain out

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